Project Scope

Website design.
Graphic design.
Event promotion.
Blog establishment and content creator.
Social Media Management:
Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
Integration with MindBody and HealCode. 



  • Increased Facebook following by 23% in 6 months

  • Increased Twitter following by 28% in 4 months

  • Instagram now at 300+ followers

  • Record number of visits to the studio in January and February 2016


Social Media and Graphic Design

Blog Post Examples

Slower Is Better With M Street Yoga Teacher Of The Month: Megan Lynch

Taking A Moment For Yourself With M Street Yoga's Teacher Of The Month Alex Rosen

About M Street Yoga

M Street Yoga is the only yoga studio in Southwest, Washington, D.C. With a dedication to improving the community, M Street Yoga regularly hosts donation-based classes supporting local and national charities. M Street Yoga makes yoga accessible through its volunteer program where "Karma Yogis" get free classes for helping out at the studio.